To help things go smoothly during the evening we have established some informal rules of play. If you have any questions about any of these just ask us on the night!

  • There are 6 courts. The 2 centre courts by the stage are reserved for more advanced players. If you are a more recreational player please use the other 4 courts.
  • Singles can only be played if no one is waiting. If you have started playing singles and someone comes to join in you must play with them.
  • When you go onto a court, play a 2-3 minute warm up then 1 game. When you are done, physically leave the court (if no one starts to go after 2 minutes you can go back on).
  • When you leave a court look who is waiting ahead of you. When they have gone onto a court then the next court is yours.
  • FOFO First Off, First On – this is an honour system we ask all players to respect it.
  • Finally, just a reminder – don’t stay on the court chatting – there’s plenty of benches off-court to chat.